Intelligent Investments – 2017 Best Practice in Offshore Award

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Intelligent Investments is proud to announce that for the second consecutive year, we have been shortlisted for Best-Practice in Offshore Award in this year’s International Investment International Fund & Product Awards 2017. Learn more


Should You Trust Your Hard Earned Investment or Pension to a Robot?


These robots, of course, aren’t like those you see in films. Instead they are capable of providing investment advice usually delivered by a human adviser sitting behind a desk — and for a lot less money.

So-called ‘robo-advisers’ — which assemble investment portfolios after an investor answers a series of questions regarding their expectation of a return and tolerance to risk — have been widely praised for their easy, low-cost approach to investing. These automated services have quickly amassed USD53 billion under management in just a handful of years in the US alone, according to estimates by Aite Group.

Should you consider using a robo-adviser, and could your current adviser not only be missing out on performance but significantly hurting your financial health?

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