Income Strategies – Opportunity Cost

Income strategies continue to be remarkably popular. To an extent this is understandable given many retirees rely on their defined contribution pension pot to provide income that funds their retirement.

There is something satisfying about watching regular income flow into your portfolio but many investors fail to grasp that a paid out dividend is also a missed opportunity to stay in the market. Over the long term, staying in the market has proven itself to be the better option when seeking capital returns.

James Klempster (CFA) of Momentum Global Investment Management, one of our UK regulated, discretionary fund managers shares his view. Click here to view.


Giving You Peace of Mind – A New Era of Discretionary Investment Management

As recent research highlights that investors need to take three times more risk just to get the same return as twenty years ago (click here to learn more), its ever important to ensure your investment or pension is being professionally managed, with charges kept to an absolute minimum to maximise your return.

At Intelligent Investments, our aim is to provide you with a better level of service and advice as you would expect in your home country, but with greater tax efficiency, choice, and convenience by managing your finances internationally whilst you are an expat.

Much like your GP, we can provide you with advice in many areas and as such need to maintain a high level of understanding in all these areas. However, like a GP, we need to work with specialists in certain critical disciplines, and investment management is one of the most critical. Learn more