PortfolioMetrix Tops the Charts for Performance to Win Three Awards at 2018 CitiWire Wealth Manager Performance Awards

With increased market volatility in the past two weeks, raising concerns of a coming market correction, continuing US-China trade war, escalating geopolitical risks in the Middle East, and the fact that over 90% of fund managers fail to outperform their benchmark, how much value is your wealth manager adding to your investment or pension?

Who to trust with your money in the world of wealth management can be tricky, with returns and charges varying wildly.

Intelligent Investments is proud to announce that our UK regulated, technology enabled discretionary investment manager, PortfolioMetrix, not only consistently outperforms all other managers, including Bestinvest, Brooks Macdonald, GAM, and Old Mutual Compass, but has won three gongs at the 2018 CitiWire Wealth Manager Performance Awards. PortfolioMetrix were successful in the “aggressive” category, producing a 45% return in three years.

This event was held in association with Asset Risk Consultants (ARC), who were responsible for verifying after-fee performance. The awards go to firms which have delivered consistent risk-adjusted returns to their clients over a three-year period.

Wealth managers who really earned their fees (and how they did it). Click here to learn more.

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To learn more about PortfolioMetrix, click here.


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