Weekly Market Update

News this past week:

  • US indices record new highs
  • Fillon wins French centre-right primary
  • UK Q3 GDP growth at +0.5% amid sombre OBR forecasts
  • Euro area PMIs show encouraging signs of growth
  • Trump reiterates intent to leave TPP

James Klempster (CFA) of Momentum Global Investment Management shares his view:

Politics continues to dominate headlines globally, with economic and company news proving mundane by comparison.  Ultimately we believe that politics is inherently unpredictable and as a result we do not invest on the basis of our view of the political environment.  We do, however, take account of factors such as politics as part of our Outcomes Based Investment approach but it is largely in relation to risk management and the timing of trades rather than investing on the basis of political views.  This is probably just as well because given the elevated amount of political news in the press of late it would be very difficult to separate the important information from noise.

To read the full update please click here


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