Intelligent Investments, Award Winning Wealth Management

Intelligent Investments Award Winning Wealth ManagementIntelligent Investments is delighted to announce we are finalists in three awards for International Investment’s 17th International Fund & Product Awards 2016 to be held on 12 October at the Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane, London. The awards are:

  • Best Practice in Offshore
  • Best International Discretionary Fund Manager
  • Best International Practice in Asset Management

Best Practice In Offshore 

This category is intended to recognise wealth management/financial advisory firms located in and/or operating in any region of the world, which have not only adopted best practices on behalf of their clients, but have gone the extra mile to put in place practices that serve as a beacon for others looking to improve their own businesses.

At Intelligent Investments, we have always believed by putting our clients’ interest first, and providing the same advice that we ourselves would take in their situation, our business will continue to grow.

Most offshore advisers will say their advice is ‘free’ as you pay them nothing as the product provider pays them, reclaiming it through an extra admin fee. Benefiting your investment ‘because all your money is invested with additional allocation from day 1’.

However, what they don’t tell you is that if you want your money early, you will have a big surrender penalty. At Intelligent Investments, we conduct ourselves as if in a developed market, such as the UK, where commission based financial advice is banned and provide clients with an explicit declaration of fees, and how we are remunerated.

All our wealth managers are professionally qualified through the UK’s Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), and all staff undergo continual professional development.

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Best International Discretionary Fund Manager

Open to discretionary fund managers offering services on an international basis. The panel will take into account the growth of business, and range of products and services offered, including levels of service, use of technology and recent enhancements.

Much like a GP, Intelligent Investments provide clients with advice in many areas and as such need to maintain a high level of understanding in all these areas. However, like a GP, we need to work with specialists in certain critical disciplines and investment management is one of the most critical.

Intelligent Investments exclusively offers PortfolioMetrix an award winning, UK FCA and South African FSB regulated, discretionary investment manager to expats and international investors.

Benefiting from market leading technology, PortfolioMetrix can produce a truly bespoke portfolio in line with both a client’s risk and return parameters, achieving greater and more consistent returns than their competitors.

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Best International Practice in Asset Management

Open to asset managers, life companies, and other product providers, this award is intended to recognise service levels that go above and beyond the norm.Integrated Wealth ManagementThe most obvious benefit of working with PortfolioMetrix is the ability by Intelligent Investments to significantly enhance investment outcomes. This doesn’t just mean the potential to generate superior returns, but to do so through a rigorous, well-engineered process at a significantly reduced cost. Consistent risk-adjusted returns, compounded over the life of a portfolio, significantly reduces shortfall risk and increases investor well-being.


QROPSWe thank all our existing clients for their support as we have grown within the region, and never one to rest on our laurels, we will continue to improve our level of service and provide greater value to our clients than you would expect in your home country, but with greater tax efficiency, choice, and convenience by managing your finances internationally whilst you are an expat.

For those who may not be clients, click here to see the difference today with Intelligent Investments.


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