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Intelligent Investments is proud to announce that one of our UK regulated discretionary investment managers, PortfolioMetrix has won this year’s Citywire Wealth Manager Award for the second year running.

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UK Tax Planning 2018

Revenue UKApril 2018 will mark the end of another tax year. With a promise of no further tax changes to be announced at the slimmed down UK Spring Statement on 13 March, we can plan with some certainty.

Here are a summary of key considerations and actions pre 6 April. Contact us to discuss the opportunities available for you, your family and your business. Learn more

The Momentum Train

Last week, London was hit by the ‘Beast from the East’, that brought with it unseasonably low temperatures. Predictably, transport ground to a halt in the face of a few centimetres of snow. Snow is a useful analogy for momentum investing: imagine a snowball rolling down hill, gathering more snow as it goes, which in turn causes it to roll faster, and so on. In the same way, we observe virtuous cycles in companies’ performance: i.e. winners keep on winning.

Stephen Nguyen (CFA) of Momentum Global Investment Management, one of our UK regulated, discretionary fund managers, discusses momentum investing. Click here to learn more.

Understanding the Recent Market Sell-off

Not widely welcomed, but arguably overdue?

The sharp sell-off in stocks that started last week and gathered steam this week lacked a specific trigger — unlike the last time US shares fell this much, which came in the wake of the US losing its AAA sovereign rating at S&P Global Ratings in 2011.

As with plane crashes, the experts are pointing to a confluence of factors, from concerns over the path of Federal Reserve interest-rate increases to a rapid unwinding of trades predicated on continued low volatility in markets.

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Managing Risk

A large computerised display of the BritWhen it comes to investing, true risk at the investor level is the probability of not achieving the original investment objective. For that reason, variability of future returns from an asset (i.e. volatility) means less certainty of reaching your desired outcome.

Alex Harvey (CFA) of Momentum Global Investment Management, one of our UK regulated, discretionary fund managers, discusses what risk means when investing. Click here to learn more.

Carillion’s Demise Shines a Light on UK Pensions Shortfall

CarillionDebt laden construction firm Carillion has fallen into liquidation after it failed to reach an agreement with creditors during crisis talks over the weekend.

In addition to debts approaching GBP1 billion, the company has an enormous pension deficit. What does that mean for members of its staff pension schemes?

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